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Invasive Species Augmented Reality Exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair

U of M Extension and 4-H

This invasive species exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair used augmented reality to demonstrate how invasive species are all around us. Zap codes were located throughout the exhibit and allowed users to see beyond what they could see with their naked eye. Codes were brought to life and educated users on how to help prevent the spread of invasive species in Minnesota.

Overview Video

Boat Zapcode
Rusty Crayfish Zapcode
Mussels Zapcode
Carp Zapcode
Robotics Zapcode
Wood Zapcode
Gyspy Moth Zapcode
Boot Brush Zapcode

Follow directions to see the images above come to life.

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Fill Screen with Image
Watch Image Come to Life

Additional Images

Mussels AR
Carp AR
Lake Dock
Wood AR
Gyspy Moth AR
Robotics AR
Rusty AR
Boot Brush AR

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