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Who We Are

At Printing Services, we live University of Minnesota communications

Our mission:
To provide effective, technologically-advanced, timely, and cost-effective communication services.

Our motivation:
To support the vital work of our colleagues throughout the University’s many colleges and departments.

It’s very simple, really.
We exist to support the University of Minnesota.

With that purpose in mind, the long- and short-term decisions of our employees are continually focused on resulting benefits for the University. Without this focus, we would simply be designers, printers, mailers… workers. But with it, we become communicators, innovators, and collaborators in fulfilling the University’s mission of teaching, research and discovery, and public outreach and engagement.

We consult, design, print, and mail with the goal of successfully sharing the unique and far-reaching work of the University.

As a business, we take satisfaction in providing high-quality, cost-effective services.

As a committed University entity, we take even greater pride in partnering with University departments to achieve beneficial results as they communicate with prospective students, the academic community, alumni, and the world beyond.

With a focused purpose, we serve the University of Minnesota with strategic, efficient, and financially sound communication services.

At Printing Services, we are the University of Minnesota.

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Yes, we can do that
(a.k.a., we provide lots of services)

Fulfilling a mission of teaching, research and discovery, and public outreach and engagement is accomplished, in part, by successfully communicating the University’s key messages to prospective students, the academic community, alumni, and the world beyond. At Printing Services, we bring these messages to life by employing an Integrated Production Approach to communications that effectively reaches targeted audiences through a diverse combination of traditional and new media.

Beginning with strategic planning and creative development, our team of experienced consultants and designers assist in building a communications strategy that leverages the power of the University brand and focuses on real, attainable results. And with an extensive range of services that have been developed over time to meet the unique needs of University departments, Printing Services has the resources to execute the most diverse and innovative campaigns. From web and electronic media to personalized communications, short-run digital printing to high-quality offset lithography, and complete bindery services to campus and U.S. mailing, your project will be executed efficiently and effectively using the latest technologies and always completed within the context of a committed University perspective.

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