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360° VR Photography & Video

With an 8k high definition 360° camera featuring 6 fisheye lenses for superior quality, we are able to capture 360° photography and video in both 2D and 3D for your next virtual reality project. 360° experiences are extremely versitile, with options for incorporating it into augmented reality, websites, YouTube and use with VR goggles.

Ways to use 360° Virtual Reality

Virtual Tours

Easily add a virtual tour to your direct mail, email or website.

Immersive Storytelling

Use 360° video to immerse the viewer into your story.

Tiny Planets

Show off your location in a fun and unique way with a tiny planet, which uses the 360° panoramic photograph to create a sterographic projection.

360° VR Video

(2D for web and 3D for VR Goggles)

360° video can be extremely versitile, allowing viewers to watch it in both 2D on the web or 3D using a phone with VR googles. Click play and use your mouse to move around in the environment, or if on a mobile device, take your phone and move it around to view the world around you. YouTube also allows users to view it as anaglyph (for use with anaglyph 3D glasses).

View on YouTube

Tiny Planets

360° cameras also allow for some great special effects.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

  • Immersive
    360° photography and video bring viewers into the experience, providing them with an impactful
  • Competitive Advantage
    With 360° technology still in its infancy, virtual tours offer a unique advantage over other Universities, providing virtual visitors with an authentic campus experience.
  • Versitile
    Creating a 360° experience can be used in multiple ways: augmented reality, vr goggles, interactive web pages and simple YouTube videos.

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