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Who We Are

Committed to the University’s success

Strategic University Communications

Our team of dedicated consultants and designers works with departments across the University to develop communications strategies that produce results. Our vast experience working with both college-wide and departmental communications teams provides us with insights that are shared as we collaborate throughout the University, allowing us to diversify knowledge and guide productive discussions that result in creative and effective strategy.

Our consultants, designers, prepress staff—and yes, even our press operators—are experts at managing and implementing University brand policies. We carefully monitor use of all University logos and marks, creatively incorporate the University’s Driven to Discover campaign, and print official University colors in various formats with complete accuracy (yes, we bleed PMS 202). In addition, our experienced designers produce creative electronic and print materials that uniquely communicate departmental messaging while leveraging the power of the unified University brand.

An Example of Operational Efficiency

The University’s renewed commitment to Operational Excellence is focused on efficiency, cooperation, and engagement. These ideals are at the heart of Printing Services’ business. We understand where, when, why, and how the University operates. As a result, our learning curve is low, we eliminate redundancy, and we have the ability to proactively support University departments as a committed partner. Our entire operation—services, locations, equipment—have been fine-tuned to successfully meet the wide range of communications needs of each department at the University. There’s no need to dedicate time and resources to coordinating the services of several non-university vendors. Printing Services has the knowledge, technical skills, and commitment to efficiently manage everything from strategy and design to fulfillment and mailing, freeing up departmental dollars to be reinvested in the core academic enterprise.

Financially Supporting University Departments

As a non-profit internal service, Printing Services is a responsible partner. We provide up-front pricing and won’t surprise you with hidden charges at billing. Our goal is to provide accurate financial information that is useful for budgeting and allows departments to make sound financial decisions. As committed stewards of University resources, we take seriously our responsibility to help educate our customers, offer suggestions and alternative solutions, and guide University departments to effective and responsible design, printing, and mailing decisions.

Branding Expertise

The University of Minnesota is a powerful and respected entity—infused with tradition, pride, and a record of academic excellence. At Printing Services, we believe in the strength of that brand and seek to leverage the power it holds by thoughtfully promoting a consistent visual identity across University colleges and departments. By actively managing the University’s visual brand and by designing electronic and print materials that, while original in concept, maintain a strong University identity, we guide departments through a strategic process that leverages the power of a unified University brand.

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