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University Brand Management

Our consultants, designers, prepress staff—and yes, even our press operators—are experienced at managing and implementing University brand policies.

Wordmark/logo usage. Every member of our design and production staffs are trained to correctly and effectively implement usage of the University’s marks, logos, and statements.

Color accuracy. Maroon and gold are the lifeblood of Printing Services. The printing equipment in all of our locations has been calibrated to accurately reproduce the University’s official colors on a variety of substrates.

Web standards. Our electronic designers creatively design unique responsive websites that adhere to all University web standards. In addition, our designers are actively involved in campus web standards and user groups to ensure we remain on the leading edge of web technologies while continuing to support University branding.

Driven to Discover. The University’s Driven to Discover brand message captures our search for knowledge and our drive to share that search with students and the larger community. Our designers have successfully integrated the Driven to Discover messaging and visual identity, along with the Because and Discovery Illuminates Everyone campaigns, into electronic and print materials throughout the University. The University’s core messaging is used in coordination with college and departmental branding to strengthen and unify University communications.

Stationery Administration. Printing Services facilitates the production of all official University of Minnesota stationery products. In addition, our stationery coordinator and production staff monitor all stationery orders to ensure adherence to University stationery policies.

College/Departmental Identity Development

When developed within the context of the overall University brand, unique college or departmental identity development builds on the University’s strong reputation by expressing a consistent visual message that takes a more focused approach to communications. Our designers strive to fully understand the unique work of each department, along with the short- and long-term goals of the department. The resulting identity is an effective tool for communicating with students, alumni, and key stakeholders.

College/Departmental Identity Management

Many college and departmental identities have been effectively developed by designers or agencies outside the University. Our designers are adept at managing established identities and designing creative electronic and print projects within the context of existing identity guidelines. With hourly rates well below most outside design groups, Printing Services’ creative team offers tremendous value for implementation of departmental identities.