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After 25 years of suffering through the concrete world of indoor college football, the University’s students, faculty, and staff were reinvigorated by the approval of a new on-campus stadium. The next step was to envoke that same enthusiasm in potential donors, making the dream of a new stadium a reality. Intercollegiate Athletics entrusted Printing Services’ creative team with the lofty task of conveying the benefits of an on-campus stadium to alumni and supporters of the University.

The resulting campaign identity connects pre-Metrodome past experiences of the target audience to the similar anticipated experiences of future students and fans in the new stadium. Logos, a variety of promotional literature, and on-demand updated information sheets were created with the purpose of connecting with potential corporate sponsors and high-profile donors in personal meetings with Athletics staff.

Brick facades, the smell of popcorn, and sunny Saturday afternoons are a testiment to the success of this important campaign.


Legends Stadium Naming Opportunities




New Stadium Seating Brochure

Initial Major Donor/Corporate Sponsor Fundraising Book
16-page Publication


Stadium Fundraising
Pocket Folder with Variable On-Demand Tiered Inserts


Tier One


Tier Two


Tier Three


Tier Four

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