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The University of Minnesota System Counselor Campus Chancellors charged a work group of the system Admissions Directors to identify system-wide approaches to admissions at the University. In response to recommendations of this work group, Printing Services' team of designers worked closely with system admissions directors and University Relations to develop a system-wide admissions website to act as a portal to the University of Minnesota System campuses for prospective students. This portal page functions as a "front door" to the University system and promotes the unique nature of the U of M system and our distinct campuses. The site includes a general overview and important statistics for each campus, links to campus athletics, clubs, and organizations, campus imagery, and testimonials specific to each campus.

A coordinated promotional campus and major/program poster was designed, printed, and mailed to all high schools in Minnesota. This mailing includes overview information and a major/program offering chart that helps high school counselors and teachers promote options and opportunities available at campuses across the University of Minnesota system. Additional events for high school counselors and educators were promoted with materials that coordinate with the website and mailings.







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