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Free Flipbooks For Our Customers

Printing Services is offering FREE digital flipbooks for departments having publications designed and/or printed by University of Minnesota Printing Services. We hope that by providing this service, we’re making it easier for you to share your department’s work and message.
See a sample.

Please consult with your designer or printing consultant if you are interested in having your publication converted to an online flipbook.

For All Other Departments

For all other requests there will be a $50 charge per flipbook. Please allow 48 hours to receive the links to your flipbooks.

Have questions? Contact Lisa Anderson, Creative Manager at Printing Services, at

Flipbook Request


The software that creates the flipbooks does not offer accessibility support, as the purpose of these are to be visual representations of a printed publication. However, we can create a hidden link to redirect screen readers to the accessible PDF or link to a web page with the accessible information. It is the department’s responsibility to provide us with the accesible alternative. Please see below for a few options.

3 Accessible Alternatives
  1. Create a page on your website with the information from the publication. Provide us with a link to that page.
  2. Make sure the PDF is created to be accessible. There are tuturials on with information on creating an Accessible PDF, or you can view our tuturial on Making InDesign Documents Into Accessible PDFs.
  3. Place content in a Google Doc to create a text-only document, making sure to use proper headings. Once finished, click File > Publish to Web, then providing us with that link.

If you would like our help converting your InDesign document to an Accessible PDF, we would bill that at our $85/hr design rate. Cost would be determined by the size of the document, but a 4-page documents would likely cost between $45-85.